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What the parade judges are looking for
A. Identification: Use of banners, pennants, color guards and other similar means of identifying the organization to the viewing bystanders.

B. Order of Mrch - Orderly line-up, proper spacing, proper and correct use of flags.

C. Color display - Use of flags, pennants, buntings and banners. Use of national costumes and other uniform type dress. eg. If no costumes have a uniform dress such as dark pants, no jeans, and white tops, maybe a red scarf.

D. Participation - Size of group (taking into consideration the actual size of the overall organization. Spirit of march.

E. Floats:

a. Workmanship - quality of work, attention to detail, manner of construction, use of materials, estimated time of construction.

b. Theme - originality of float in regard to the theme of the parade for the current year. A float based upon the constitutional theme will also be accepted. Scoring shall be done on a one through five point basis, with five points being the highest mark.

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